You are currently viewing Camille’s PhD defense February 2022, 10th

Camille presented her PhD work during her defense in front of a jury including Pr Catherine Amiel (ICPEM Thiais), Dr Morgan Delarue (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse), Pr Jean-Serge Remy (Univ. Strasbourg) and Dr Yvette Tran (ESPCI, Paris).

Her presentation was entitled: Macro- and supramolecular hydrogels photocontrollable in the visible range

Her work spanned from the characterization of the association between azobenzenes bearing halides atoms and b-cyclodextrin to the synthesis and the characterization of the hydrogels. The results have shown that hydrogels with mechanical properties compatible with different biological tissues were accessible and biocompatible.

Congratulations Camille!