Towards the photomanipulation of biological tissues

Gellight project

A photoswitchable hydrogel for photonic microscopy

How to induce a photo-controlable mechanical stress on a biological tissue ?


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Gellight Project


Responses of biological tissues to mechanical stress are increasingly assessed, owing to their demonstrated link to many biological functions and the onset and progression of various pathologies such as fibrosis or ischemia. …


Gellight is a multidisciplinary project joining together 4 academic teams working in collaboration with a French SME. …

Latest publications

Light sheet microscope image

Adaptive Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

Highly Sensitive Shack–Hartmann Wavefront Sensor: Application to Non-Transparent Tissue Mimic Imaging with Adaptive Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

Methods Protoc. 2019, 2(3), 59

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Hydrogel morphology

Preliminary study.

Rational Hydrogel Formulation Leads to Reversible and Enhanced Photocontrolled Rigidity.
ChemPhotoChem (2017) 1(7) 311-316

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