New recruitment

September 1st, 2020. Nicolas Pataluch is joining us as an engineer in the I2MC team. He will help in all biology experiments.

Process simulation

Camille’s first publication

The article describing a full characterization of azobenzene@cyclodextrins complexes has just been accepted in J. Org. Chem.. This work describes the step-by-step procedure that we used to have access to all parameters of the complexes: stoichiometry, affinity constant, quantum yields of photochemical processes. This is based on Jorge’s early work, completed by Camille, and a strong help from Véronique. A real team work!

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Process simulation

Full characterization of photoresponsive inclusion complexes

Quantitative kinetic modeling in photoresponsive supralolecular chemistry: the case of water-soluble azobenzene

J. Org. Chem. (2020) 85(10) 6509-6518

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M10 project meeting

Part of the partners joined in Toulouse to discuss around the achieved work so far and the planned tasks for the next weeks. This was also the occasion to meet Pr Casteilla‘s team from Stromalab.


IMRCP (Molecular Interactions and Chemical and Photochemical reactivities) laboratory is a mixed CNRS – Toulouse University research unit, specialized on soft matter. The IDeAS team (Dynamical Interfaces and Stimuli-responsive assemblies) working on GELLIGHT project focuses on the design and characterization of smart materials based on self-assembled or nanostructured systems.


3D imaging R&D: Expertise in microscopy, multidimensional live imaging, image processing and analysis. Role in the project, specifications, cytotoxicity, microscopy tests, mechanical properties by AFM.


“ Molecular and clinical determinants of the cardiac architecture”

The global research program of the I2MC team relies on understanding the relationship between the architecture of the cardiac tissue (more specifically of the cardiac contractile cells, i.e, the cardiomyocytes-CM) and the function and pharmacology of the heart.


Institut des Molécules et Matériaux du Mans (IMMM). IMMM is mixed CNRS/Le Mans University research unit divided in four research axes:  organic synthesis, inorganic materials, physics of confined matter and chemistry/physical chemistry of polymers.

Specific Polymers logo

Specific Polymers

SPECIFIC POLYMERS (2003, Castries, FRANCE) is a SME with 18 employees acting as R&D service provider and scale up producer in the field of functional monomers & polymers with high specificity.


Gellight is a multidisciplinary project joining together 4 academic teams working in collaboration with a French SME. Expertises span from organic synthesis, photochemistry, physics to biology