Presentation at ESPS 2021

Watch Anne-Françoise’s presentation at the European Symposium on Photopolymer Sciences which took place online in June 2021

Presentation at SupraBio 2021

Watch Nancy’s presentation at the International Symposium on SupraBiomolecular Systems which took place online in May 2021.

New recruitments

Inès Hamouda and Divyendu Valappil are joining us starting February 15th.
Inès is a post-doc and she will work at IMMM in Le Mans to characterize the hydrogels by rheology and Light Scattering.
Divyendu is a research engineer and she will develop the SPIM environment at Restore laboratory.

Gellight explained to the kids!

An article about Gellight has just been published on CurioKids, a website dedicated to the kids and which makes science fun and understandable to all.
Thanks to Laetitia Mespouille for this highlight!

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Camille’s first oral communication

On October 2020, Camille Courtine attended NICE-2020 International Conference, which is organized with the objective to share new developments in the growing field of bioinspired chemistry and materials.

Camille presented a part of her PhD work:
“Photo-switchable azobenzene-cyclodextrin complexes in water: a tool to mimic extra cellular matrix”

New recruitment

September 1st, 2020. Nicolas Pataluch is joining us as an engineer in the I2MC team. He will help in all biology experiments.

Process simulation

Camille’s first publication

The article describing a full characterization of azobenzene@cyclodextrins complexes has just been accepted in J. Org. Chem.. This work describes the step-by-step procedure that we used to have access to all parameters of the complexes: stoichiometry, affinity constant, quantum yields of photochemical processes. This is based on Jorge’s early work, completed by Camille, and a strong help from Véronique. A real team work!

Look at publications page

M10 project meeting

Part of the partners joined in Toulouse to discuss around the achieved work so far and the planned tasks for the next weeks. This was also the occasion to meet Pr Casteilla‘s team from Stromalab.

New publication just accepted

A part of Javier Morgado’s PhD work has just been accepted in Methods & Protocols (see publications page)

Toulouse Capitole

Kick-off meeting

January 10th 2019 in Toulouse : all partners joined together for a full day of work


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Gellight Project


Responses of biological tissues to mechanical stress are increasingly assessed, owing to their demonstrated link to many biological functions and the onset and progression of various pathologies such as fibrosis or ischemia. …


Gellight is a multidisciplinary project joining together 4 academic teams working in collaboration with a French SME. …